Edible Oils

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It is a range of Cold-Pressed Organic Edible Oils which are extracted by pressing raw seeds without using any refining agents. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins and poly-unsaturated fats.
Cold Pressed Oils retain healthy anti-oxidants that are otherwise destroyed by heat (processing @ 230 degrees in refining process)
In Cold-pressing technique, the temperatures doesn’t exceed 27 degrees centigrade.
On the contrary,The modern method of oil extraction involves supplying a lot of heat. The oilseed is first crushed, and the pulp is heated under pressure. As a result, almost all the oil is extracted.
The downside is that the oil is heated up to temperatures of 230 degree centigrade. Heating it to such high temperatures alters the properties of the oil molecules in unfavourable ways (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are formed at high temperatures which are carcinogenic) – and strips it off of its nutritional value.
For optimum extraction of oil, a solvent is added, in this case, hexane. The hazards of exposure to hexane are many – including dermatitis and CNS depression – depending upon the quantity of hexane inhaled or ingested.