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Mighty Millets

Millet and Seed Mix - Pack of 2

Nutrient-rich, millet-based, and super healthy, munch onto this namkeen chiwda when you need something to get you through hunger pangs any time of the day. G...
$8.52 USD
Mighty Millets

Bajra Bites - Pack of 3

Crispy, crunchy, and truly Desi, binge on these spicy bite-sized millet chips the next time you crave something healthy but yummy! These baked chips are the...
$8.84 USD $8.94 USD
Mighty Millets

Dates Ragi Bars - Pack of 10 (50g X 10)

Munch onto this crunchy millet bar and satisfy your sweet cravings in a completely natural and healthy way! Best time to dig into your Dates Ragi Bar: - Pre...
$11.80 USD $12.00 USD
Mighty Millets

SuperSeed Bars - Pack of 10 (45g X 10)

Refresh your day with this wholesome nuts and seeds bar, anytime, anywhere! Bite into our SuperSeed Bar when you’re: - Low on Energy - Pressed on Time - C...
$11.40 USD $12.00 USD