Earn with your purchases at Raffel

Yes, you've heard it right !!!

Every purchase you make at Raffel Deals, will earn you Raffel Points, and these points can be redeemed on your future purchases. 

How it works???

  • You made a purchase of Rs.1000.00 today, with which you would earn 10 Raffel Points equivalent to 10.00 Rs (1 Raffel Point Equivalent to 1.00 Rs. and you earn 1 point for each 100.00 Rs of purchase)
  • Now you can redeem these 10 points that you've earned on your furture purchases, so you owe Rs.990 for a Rs.1000.00 purchase you make next time. You can apply points at your own will and wish, doesn't mean it has to be always applied on your next purchase by default, but if you wish you can abosulutely do that.
  • Points awarded on Raffel Deals has no expiry, so you can always comeback at anytime and redeem anytime.
  • You can always check your Points balance from your account here My Raffel Point

How to Redeem: It's very simple !!

  • Once you are at cart page on your furture purchases, you will see an option Raffel Points => Check the points and hit Apply => That's it your order total will be adjusted based on your points balance. Please see example below, Any left over point balance will just stay with your account


How you earn points :

  • You earn points every time you place an order and shipped at Raffel Deals.

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